Windows 11 Snipping Tool & Photos Getting an Excellent Upgrade

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Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you needed to extract text from a screenshot, only to face the tedious task of typing it out manually? Microsoft is about to change the way you interact with your screenshots with Snipping Tool and Microsoft Photos, and it’s happening sooner than you think. Windows Insiders on the Canary and Dev Channel are already experiencing the great updates to the Snipping Tool in Windows 11, which allow you to effortlessly extract text from screenshots with just a click or two.

Imagine this – You stumble upon an infographic filled with valuable insights. With the updated Snipping Tool, capturing the screenshot means instantly having the text at your fingertips for citation in your presentation. No more squinting at small fonts or painstakingly retyping lengthy quotes.

While a specific release date for the general public is still pending, the updates to the Snipping Tool and the Photos app from Microsoft promise to revolutionize the way you work with images and text.

What’s New in Snipping Tool

Envision this scenario: You find yourself in a crucial virtual meeting, where you need to share a screenshot containing vital information. Instead of frantically jotting down notes or relying on follow-up emails to disseminate the details, you and your fellow participants can seamlessly copy text directly from the screenshot. This revolutionary feature not only enhances efficiency but also elevates overall productivity, streamlining collaborative efforts and facilitating more effective knowledge sharing among team members.

In the latest Windows Insider build, Snipping tool has some great new features. The app will now have the ability to detect text in screenshots, making it easy for users to extract and share text in other applications. In addition to text detection, the Snipping Tool will also allow users to automatically redact and hide sensitive information, such as emails and phone numbers, from images before sharing them.

What’s New in Windows 11 Photos

Microsoft is not stopping there. The Photos app is receiving significant updates, including background blur, content search for OneDrive photos, location-based search, and support for Samsung and Google motion photos. A new background blur feature will automatically identify the background in a photo and highlight the subject. Users can customize the intensity of the blur or even specify which areas to blur out.

Have you ever wondered where your photos were taken? Maybe want the ability to group photos from a vacation or trip? Now you can. Locating photos taken in a particular area becomes a breeze with the location search feature in Photos. Much like Snipping Tool, a new content search feature makes it easy to search for photos based on specific criteria, like finding images that include a car or sorting through your latest trip photos. The ability to automatically highlight subjects through background blur and easily search for photos based on their content or location will be great.

When Can I Access These New Features?

While these updates are currently in testing with Windows Insiders, they are expected to be rolled out to regular Windows 11 users in the coming months. The future of seamless text extraction from screenshots and enhanced photo management is just around the corner, thanks to Microsoft’s commitment to improving user productivity and privacy.
While these updates are currently undergoing rigorous testing with Windows Insiders, their impending release to regular Windows 11 users promises a transformative experience in the way we interact with digital content. Microsoft’s commitment to refining these features showcases their dedication to enhancing user productivity and safeguarding privacy, ultimately shaping a more user-centric computing environment.

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