Summarize by Copilot – Bring AI to Outlook in March 2024

Display of a computer and desk. Microsoft Summarize by Copilot will enhance your email experience.

Microsoft has recently updated its Microsoft 365 roadmap, introducing a new feature for Outlook known as “Classic Outlook for Windows – Summarize by Copilot.” This feature aims to enhance user productivity by harnessing the power of Large Language Models (LLMs) in conjunction with Outlook data. Within this feature, Copilot, a vital component, is capable of summarizing email threads and extracting key points, simplifying the process of managing emails for users.

What is Microsoft Copilot?

Microsoft Copilot is an AI assistant that works alongside you in Microsoft 365 apps and services to help you be more productive and creative. Originally a part of Microsoft’s Bing AI brand, it has been expanded and can help you with more tasks. It is currently in preview mode, but it is expected to be released to the general public in late 2023.

This includes activities such as:

  • Writing and editing documents, emails, and presentations
  • Analyzing and visualizing data
  • Summarizing key points and action items in meetings
  • Transcribing and translating text
  • Generating creative content, such as poems, code, and scripts

Copilot is still under development at the moment, but it is already capable of doing many things that can save you time and effort. For example, it can help you:

  • Get started quickly on new tasks. Copilot can generate templates and outlines for documents, presentations, and other types of content. It can also suggest relevant information and insights from your data and documents.
  • Write more effectively. Copilot can help you improve your grammar, spelling, and style. It can also suggest new ideas and ways to express yourself more clearly.
  • Be more productive. Copilot can help you automate tasks such as scheduling meetings, sending reminders, and creating reports. It can also help you find and access information quickly and easily.
Microsoft Summarize by Copilot will enhance your email experience.

Copilot is available to consumers and enterprise customers alike. Enterprise and business users may want to hold off on integrating these LLMs into their business as Microsoft is still putting the finishing touches on how it interacts and uses business data.

How will Summarize by Copilot Help with Emails?

Imagine… instead of wading through lengthy email threads, you get a neat summary of the key points. It’s like having a personal assistant who reads your emails for you and gives you the TL;DR version. And who wouldn’t want that? Whether you’re an email ninja or an inbox avoider, “Summarize by Copilot” is here to make your life easier. With this feature, you’ll be able to conquer your inbox and stay on top of your emails like never before.

Email summarization is a technique in which LLMs are used to identify essential information within email threads. Subsequently, a concise summary is generated, serving as a valuable tool for individuals inundated with a high volume of emails, enabling them to quickly grasp the core content of each message. The Feature was officially added to the roadmap on October 12, 2023, with the last modification also occurring on the same date. This feature will be seamlessly integrated into the Microsoft 365 Copilot and Outlook products with an unknown license and cost associated with the feature.

Scheduled for a launch in March 2024, with a preview available starting in January 2024, this feature will be accessible on the Desktop platform. It will be deployed on both the Current Channel and Current Channel (Preview), making it accessible to Microsoft 365 users worldwide through Standard Multi-Tenant cloud instances.

For Outlook users, the introduction of “Summarize by Copilot” signifies a substantial development, greatly simplifying the task of managing emails and swiftly comprehending critical information within their inbox.

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How can I get started with Summarize by Copilot?

Will you be counting down the days till this is released? Starting in January 2024 businesses can opt in to this preview assuming everything stays on track. If you’re looking to hit the ground running, contact us and we’ll help set you up when the feature goes into preview.

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