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Managed Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions

Businesses face an increasing risk of data loss and system failures. Safeguarding critical data and ensuring uninterrupted operations are incredibly important to ensure trust and efficiency. Dark Blue Technologies has partnered with Axcient, a leading cybersecurity expert and leading provider of comprehensive data recovery and backup solutions. Axcient’s offers a series of robust disaster recovery offerings: x360Recover, x360Cloud, x360Sync, Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS), and more.


Backup &

Backup endpoints, hardware, servers, workstations, and Azure data directly a secure cloud, your private cloud, or in a public cloud without pricey appliances.


Automatically back up Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace data so that it can always be located, restored, and audited.


Secure and protected file sync and share capabilities that supports real-time collaboration, document sharing, and anytime access on any device. 


Providing low-cost, flexible financing options that make it easier for businesses to access the latest technology.

Ransomware Protection

Experience a combination of disaster recovery options and AirGap anti-ransomware security technology.


Learn more about the Axcient Suite of Services

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Axcient provides three core services – x360Recovery, x360Cloud, and x360Sync. Each of these services are offered to Dark Blue Technologies customers.


x360Recover is a comprehensive backup and disaster recovery solution. It provides businesses with continuous data protection, ensuring that critical information is backed up in real-time. In the event of data loss or system failures, x360Recover enables quick and seamless recovery, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.

It offers features like flexible recovery points, granular file-level recovery, and automated backup verification to ensure data integrity and reliability. To get started with x360Recover, contact us.


x360Sync is a secure file synchronization and sharing solution. It facilitates secure collaboration and access to documents and files across employees, teams and devices. With x360Sync, employees can share, sync, and collaborate on files in real-time, enhancing productivity and teamwork.

Further, it provides granular control over file permissions, versioning, and activity tracking, ensuring data security and integrity. x360Sync simplifies file management and promotes efficient collaboration within organizations. To get started with x360Sync, contact us.


x360Cloud is Axcient’s cloud-based backup solution designed to securely store and protect business data. It offers off-site, geographically redundant data centers, providing an additional layer of protection against localized disasters or hardware failures.

With x360Cloud, businesses can easily back up their critical data to the cloud, ensuring data availability and peace of mind. It offers scalability, flexibility, and the ability to recover data from anywhere at any time. To get started with x360Cloud, contact us.

Disaster Recovery

According to a 2021 report, 43% of all backup jobs fail, and 39% of restorations fail to restore within the expected service-level agreement (SLA). This means that almost half of backups may not be sufficiently recovered and could negatively impact business viability. A disaster recovery solution you can trust is the foundation of a solid disaster recovery plan.

With Axcient’s backup and disaster recovery (BDR) solution, x360Recover, you can enjoy peace of mind. Business continuity can be assured with cutting-edge features that ensure the ability to recover data both on-site and in virtualized environments. To take advantage of these services and more, partner with Dark Blue Technologies for disaster planning and recovery by contacting us.

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