Read Aloud Feature Coming to Google Chrome

google chrome adds read aloud to canary builds.

Google Chrome is testing a new ‘Read Aloud’ feature that promises to revolutionize the way we consume web articles. This new tool to the browser allows users to have web content narrated to them at their own pace, providing a customized reading experience.

If you’ve used Microsoft Edge recently, you may know this has been a feature for awhile now, with even more immersive reading options available there.

With adjustable playback speed and the option to choose from various voices, users gain full control over their listening journey. The user interface is designed thoughtfully, with highlighted text to track reading progress and the ability to disable the highlighting feature for those who prefer it.

Access the Feature in Chrome

Accessing Read Aloud is still very much in testing, as the feature currently only exists in Chrome Canary, the bleeding-edge version of Chrome. Eagle-eyed users spotted the feature and dove into the features of the new addition. We can expect this feature to hit the stable releases of chrome in the next few months once it’s had a chance to be tested and polished further.

Details of the Read Aloud Feature in Google Chrome

Key Details about Google Chrome’s this new feature include:

  1. As the article is narrated, the sentence being read is highlighted, while the sections that have been read fade out.
  2. It enables users to control the playback speed and highlights the text as it is read.
  3. It can be used to read any web content, including articles, blog posts, and even books.
  4. Users can access the feature by clicking on the three dots in the top right corner of the Chrome window and selecting “Read Aloud” in Chrome Canary.

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