Microsoft and Samsung Collaborate to Bolster Business Phone Security

After searching through your pockets, bag, and even under pillows, you suddenly realize that you forgot your work phone on the table at the coffee shop. Panic sets in as it’s not just the device itself that concerns you, but also the valuable business data stored on it. The thought of someone unauthorized getting hold of the phone becomes a nightmare scenario. However, there is now a solution, on-device attestation, to ease your worries.

Microsoft and Samsung have collaborated to introduce an innovative safeguard for individuals utilizing Samsung Galaxy devices for work purposes. This groundbreaking solution, set to launch this month, aims to enhance the security of your work mobiles significantly.

How is Microsoft and Samsung Partnering Up?

Introducing a cutting-edge security measure known as “on-device attestation,” which promises to revolutionize the way companies safeguard their mobile devices. This innovative technology allows organizations to assess the integrity of mobile devices, even delving into their deepest components, providing a level of security akin to having a vigilant security guard for your cell phone.

The synergy of Samsung’s extensive software and hardware innovations, combined with Microsoft’s unparalleled expertise in endpoint management, forms the foundation of this formidable security solution. This partnership harnesses the strengths of both industry giants to offer users an unparalleled level of protection for their mobile devices.

What sets this on-device attestation solution apart from its counterparts is its remarkable ability to function seamlessly and reliably without the need for a constant network connection or reliance on access to cloud services. Traditional device attestation tools often hinge on these connectivity requirements, making them less dependable in situations where network connectivity is sporadic or when the device’s ownership model is diverse. In contrast, this cutting-edge solution operates independently, ensuring the security of your mobile device is never compromised, regardless of the prevailing network conditions or the ownership model of the device.

In essence, this innovative on-device attestation technology represents a monumental leap forward in mobile device security, providing organizations with the means to comprehensively assess and protect their devices, safeguarding sensitive data and ensuring peace of mind in an increasingly interconnected world.

How to Access On-Device Attestation

This innovative solution will be launched in conjunction with Microsoft Intune, formerly recognized as Windows Intune. Microsoft Intune is a comprehensive unified endpoint management service designed to cater to both corporate devices and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) setups. This new security feature will be accessible exclusively to select Samsung Galaxy smartphones and tablets, specifically those bearing the “Secured by Knox” designation.

Now, whether you find yourself working from the bustling office, a vibrant coffee shop, or a remote cabin nestled deep in the woods, you can enjoy the peace of mind that your device remains safeguarded. In the world of business, your mobile device transcends its role as a mere communication tool; it serves as a secure repository for sensitive and invaluable information. With the combined expertise of Microsoft and Samsung, this repository has been fortified, providing an even higher level of security and assurance.

The collaborative tool from Microsoft and Samsung, On-Device Attestation, can be accessed through Microsoft Intune

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