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We are an industry partner for education, healthcare, and other industries to provide tailored services and solutions that best benefit our clients.


Trusted Industry Partner Across Michigan

Dark Blue Technologies is a leading business technology partner in Michigan and beyond due to our commitment to offering the highest level of service and expertise. Our team is comprised of highly trained professionals with extensive experience in a variety of business technology solutions, from managed IT services to cloud computing, cybersecurity, phone systems, network engineering, Facility Security and more.



Implementation of solutions that benefit retail customers. From low voltage wiring to network hardware procurement and installations, we have worked with over a dozen clients to get their facilities up and running quickly.


Connect with patients more effectively through modern solutions for the healthcare industry. Keep data secure and ensure compliance is met without question.


Ensure solutions for classroom technology, hardware, security, and more. Ensure upgrades to classrooms and technology infrastructure are reliable and best serve those that matter.


Case Studies from Businesses we Serve

With a focus on healthcare and education, Dark Blue Technologies has demonstrated excellent solutions for our clients in each of the industry. Taking a look at our unique solutions will demonstrate how we are committed to providing our clients with efficient, reliable, and modern solutions.


Dark Blue Technologies has serviced auto shops in Michigan with low voltage wiring and hardware installations starting in 2023. With our services, our client was able to get off the ground running with his shop. We worked to install network equipment, printing solutions and service, along with continued service for anything that may arise.

Getting Auto Shops Speeding Ahead

Bridging the Gap with Patients and Medical Facilities Through Technology


Dark Blue Technologies recently provided affordable and updated technologies to medical facilities in southern Michigan with an aging infrastructure. By working with small clinics and medical providers, we have been able to replace workstations and front-facing technology with upgraded hardware that meets the needs of modern processes. Clients have also welcomed cloud services such as Microsoft 365 to reduce their reliance on physical servers.

CASE STUDY– Education

Dark Blue Technologies developed an online environment for K-12 schools during the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic. At the time, many schools had a blended classroom environment, but the pandemic caught many schools and businesses off guard by forcing them to be fully remote. As school devices were already integrated into the schools, we were able to deploy tools remotely to student devices that would be most useful for students and teachers.

Modern and Reliable At-Home Technology for K-12 Through the COVID-19 Shutdowns

More Than Individual Solutions

Protecting your organization’s various systems from cyberattacks is essential. A strong password policy and antivirus solutions are not the only means of ensuring security.

In addition to our individual plans and services for the industries we service, Dark Blue Technologies bundles cybersecurity, helpdesk, and many other systems as an MSP. Visit our Managed IT page to learn more about Managed IT and solutions.

Managed IT

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