Empowering Enterprise Security with Avigilon Security Suite

The introduction of the Avigilon Security Suite marks a significant milestone for modern security. It brings together the technological advancements and capabilities from three key acquisitions by Motorola Solutions: Avigilon in 2018, Openpath in 2021, and Ava Security in 2022. The result is a comprehensive physical security platform that stands as one of the most extensive offerings available today, all under the modernized Avigilon brand.

Within the Avigilon Security Suite, organizations can take advantage of a wide range of cutting-edge features and functionalities, including high-definition video capture, advanced video analytics, AI-driven insights, seamless integration with access control systems, and an easy-to-use management interface. With the comprehensive suite, enterprises can enhance their security posture, achieve operational efficiencies, and gain actionable intelligence. The security suite is split into two offerings for different use-cases – Avigilon Unity for on-premise technology and security systems, and Avigilon Alta for cloud-based management and security.

Furthermore, Avigilon’s commitment to innovation extends to video management software (VMS). Avigilon Control Center (ACC), the company’s renowned VMS platform, offers a centralized and user-friendly interface for managing video feeds, accessing recorded footage, and configuring system settings. ACC provides seamless integration with the Avigilon Security Suite’s cameras, allowing users to effortlessly navigate through live and recorded video, apply intelligent search filters, and efficiently monitor multiple camera feeds.

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The Avigilon Security Suite’s comprehensive video surveillance ecosystem is designed to enable organizations to achieve enhanced situational awareness, improve incident response times, and optimize resource allocation. By leveraging the suite’s advanced video analytics, high-definition cameras, and intuitive management software, security teams can effectively monitor their environments, detect threats, and mitigate risks.

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Avigilon Security Suite - Unity
Integrating on-premise video security and access control systems under one centralized and scalable solution.

The Avigilon Unity on-premise video security solution combines video security, access control, and flexible cloud management into one centralized and scalable on-premise video security solution that can be deployed anywhere.

Integrate on-prem video security with Unity

As your organization grows, your security awareness needs to grow with it. On-premise security with Avigilon can support anywhere from one to 10,000+ cameras per site.

With more video data, the more important it is to protect it. On-premise security comes with cybersecurity features such as FIPS 140 – 2 to safeguard information.

Centrally manage your sites from anywhere in the world. Utilizing Avigilon applications and software, safely and security monitor the health of your cameras and respond to events that may impact system availability.

Avigilon Unity Video is a powerful, easy-to-use and AI-enabled video management software that highlights the most important security information at your fingertips.

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Avigilon Alta – on-prem access control

Conveniently manage building access control systems while on the go with a web-based control panel or a mobile-ready application. Data to and from your on-prem environment is secured and protected.

Avigilon Unity Video is a powerful, easy-to-use and AI-enabled video management software that highlights the most important security information at your fingertips.

Discover a wide range of trusted products from leading manufacturers that are uniquely suited to your needs and protect your investments. Bring in existing hardware that is compatible or adapt new technology to your organization to fit your unique needs.

Avigilon Security Suite - Alta
Modern, Cloud-based security that future-proofs your video security and access control systems.

Improve visibility and increase efficiency across your entire organization with the Avigilon Alta end-to-end cloud security suite, equipped with AI-powered analytics and fully integrated technology. Enhance security at every level with leading mobile access technology and agile cloud software.

Take advantage of cloud video solutions with Alta

Simple to install, easy to deploy and built to evolve, cloud security systems enable you to start protecting people and property in minutes. By utilizing Alta cloud services, start up protection for your organization with less hassle and work.

Utilize third-party technologies you already use through Alta Cloud’s open architecture. Easily integrate systems and solutions into one convenient place.

With your security system on the cloud, you can eliminate the need to maintain a physical server room and reduce capital and operating expenditures. Simply integrate your existing security systems with our cloud solutions in minutes.

Utilize one interface for direct cloud-connected Alta devices and existing on-premise cameras to extend real-time anomaly detection, proactive notifications, and smart search capabilities across your entire deployment. Enjoy lower operational costs and increased flexibility with a friction-free transition to Alta’s cloud video surveillance solution powered by Alta.

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Avigilon Unity Access – Cloud-based access control

Intuitive cloud-based door access control software for 100% serverless, fully remote management on any device, anywhere in the world. No need to worry about management of infrastructure or other on-prem environments.

Reliability check-in with your security systems with patented Triple Unlock access control technology. Supports key cards, fobs, PINs, smart devices and digital guest passes.

By utilizing cloud software, the Avigilon system proactive system features automatic updates, instant alerts and an open platform to help you stay ahead of the latest security threats. Have peace of mind with updates to security being taken care of automatically.

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