Powerful Cybersecurity Solutions in Lansing

Protect your organization through security tools tailored for businesses in the Lansing area. Discover how we can help you save money on IT and improve your IT tools for your local business.


Dark Blue Technologies provides expert service to the Lansing area with effective IT solutions. Whether you are a small or large company, we can help improve IT systems. Let us know you’re interested to learn more.

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Partnering With Local Lansing Organizations

Through one of our core office locations, Dark Blue Technologies provides services to the greater Lansing, Michigan area. As part of our commitment to serving local communities, we have worked with businesses in need of affordable and effective IT solutions. During a meeting with your team, our Michigan-based IT experts will consult with you to determine your unique IT needs.

We will work with your existing IT team to implement effective solutions that will save your business money, introduce more efficient tools for your team, and improve security against cyber threats. For organizations that do not have a full-time IT team or are looking for one, we can provide managed services that put your employees in touch with our team of IT experts and helpdesk staff.

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Chris Hernandez

Chris Hernandez is your first point of contact at Dark Blue Technologies. With his experience, he can help IT departments looking for new and effective solutions create plans that are best suited for their needs.

Need to discuss strategy with Chris?

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Do you have confidence in your cybersecurity tech stack?

Are you certain your tech stack is protecting your employees and endpoints? Dark Blue Technologies combines security solutions from leading cybersecurity partners to provide organizations with best-in-class coverage for all attack surfaces. We provide businesses with cutting-edge XDR, cybersecurity awareness training, hardware and cloud optimizations, and more. Get in touch with us to find out if we can help improve your business security.

Security Beyond SImple Protection

Go Beyond Proactive Protection

Utilizing a suite of products for best protection, we provide coverage for email, accounts, endpoints, and more. With Dark Blue Technologies as your technology partner, we implement these solutions alongside any in-house IT team to ensure you get the best out of these tools. As IT professionals previously in a range of organizations and industries, we understand complexities businesses experience when protecting their assets. We’ve focused our efforts on finding reliable solutions that protect all aspects of the IT space for businesses.


Threat Detection

Products that detect emerging threats within your organization. Whether it is a suspicious USB device or an email attachment, it is promptly flagged for review.


Utilize machine learning and community reporting to block threats. Automated intelligent response quarantines and blocks malicious emails and files from your network.


Our lineup of security tools meet compliance for a range of standards including NIST, HIPAA, PHI, and ePHI.


With SentinelOne Ranger, discover threats on and near your network. Ranger scans your network for open ports, rogue endpoints, and malicious activity.


From workstations to servers, ensure your endpoints are properly protected from threats with automated security. With the Singularity Platform, discover endpoints prone to zero-day exploits and deploy protective measures.

Backup & Recovery

Back up data with Dropsuite. Cloud and on-prem data is periodically backed up every day for Teams, Email, Accounts, OneDrive, and more. with eDiscovery and Email Archiving tools, keep data compliant and available to audit.


Bringing Success at Michigan FQHCs

Difficulties Federally Qualified Health Centers face day-to-day is not lacking. However, IT shouldn’t be one of them. Dark Blue Technologies is composed of IT professionals that know the difficulties and constraints FQHCs face. We touch base with your IT team to discuss strategy on staying current as an IT department.

Learn how we were able to save Family Medical Center of Michigan over $4,000 in monthly costs and increase efficiency in their tech stack. View our recent case study or get in touch today to find how your business can save with Dark Blue Technologies.


Discover IT Services That
are Right for Your Business

Looking to discover how Dark Blue Technologies can provide your business with better IT services? As a technology provider servicing local businesses and organizations, we work hard to develop unique solutions that work best for each of our clients. Give us a quick call or email to get started. We’ll work with your team to introduce better technology and more efficient systems.

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