Cyber Security Incident Response in Michigan

In the case of a cyber security incident at your business, where can you turn for assistance? It is possible for any business, large or small, to be the victim of a cyber security attack or hacking incident. In the event of a disaster, it is imperative to have a plan for how to respond quickly and restore operations as quickly as possible.

For businesses and organizations in Michigan, Dark Blue Technologies offers comprehensive cyber security services and solutions in order to protect them against current and future threats.

Cyber Security Incidents on the rise

In the past few years, cyber security incidents have increased. According to estimates, cybercrime will cause $7 trillion in damages by 2022. Companies in every industry are becoming increasingly concerned about cybersecurity. This has contributed to an increase in cybersecurity skills gaps that are projected to reach more than 1 million unfilled positions by 2019.

Even though ransomware attacks are becoming more frequent and severe, many organizations are still not taking the appropriate precautions to protect themselves. According to a recent study, only 34 percent of businesses have a plan for dealing with ransomware attacks. Installing comprehensive security software, backing up data regularly, and training employees on how to identify and respond to potential threats are some of the steps that organizations can take to protect themselves from ransomware attacks.

Among the most high-profile ransomware attacks have been those targeting hospitals, schools, and government agencies. For example, in March 2018, Atlanta was victimized by a ransomware attack that caused the city’s computer systems to be unavailable for nearly a full week. Additionally, in May 2017, more than 200,000 computers in 150 countries were infected with the WannaCry ransomware attack resulting in major downtime and millions lost across industries.

How to respond to a cyber security incident

It’s important to understand the full scope of a cyber security incident to help speed response and mitigation efforts. As a part of our cybersecurity resolutions, we have a multi-step process that covers evaluation to remediation.

  1. Collect attack details from your team. Include your assessments of the security attack, how it was discovered, possible cause(s), its impact, and any initial actions you’ve taken.
  2. Call us directly. If you’re unable to call, please email us and we will respond immediately. You do not have to be a current client for this initial contact.
  3. We will identify points of compromise, provide daily Active Threat reports, and work with your team to fully eradicate the threat. We’ll also help you communicate the details and ramifications of the attack back to your business and management.
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