Cloud Managed Network benefits explained

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses are turning to cloud-based applications and cloud managed networks. Nearly half of surveyed businesses will have to accelerate their cloud migration plans in 2020, according to a study by Centrify and CensusWide. Globally, cloud-based infrastructure spending doubled in 2018 and continues to increase every year. In other words, businesses are not only leveraging the cloud for applications, websites, and other business tools, but are also utilizing it to manage their core IT infrastructure, including their network infrastructure. Although many businesses are using cloud managed networks, what does it actually do?

What is a Cloud Managed Network?

Cloud managed networking is a way of administering a business network through the cloud. Managing a network has typically been an onsite task for most network administrators. Cloud Managed Networks utilize a SaaS (Security as a software) model to make it easy to control and analyze devices connected to your network.

Cloud-managed networking has the advantage of allowing all operations to be managed through a single software platform that is available online. In addition to being both secure and accessible, these platforms enable easy network management from any whitelisted location or company site.

In most managed network solutions, one dashboard provides visibility into all clients, access points, switches, and routers. This is particularly advantageous for organizations seeking a more detailed understanding of their network.

‘Networking-as-a-Service’ in the cloud includes a variety of devices, including switches, access points, and security appliances. This technology is capable of providing you with total visibility over deployment, management, monitoring, and troubleshooting of issues that may arise on a network. When you purchase hardware from a company offering cloud management, you are able to make sure that the devices will be compatible and will be supported. Once a device is on the network, it will be able to download the running configuration automatically from the cloud once it is connected. Furthermore, this also allows businesses to be in much better control of their infrastructure in terms of scaling.

Most notable cloud managed network providers are Cisco MerakiAruba and Ubiquity. Each provider offers a centralized management dashboard and proprietary equipment. In most cases, a license must accompany the physical device when it is purchased. For example, if you purchase 5 wireless access points, you’ll need to purchase 5 access licenses. It is common for licenses to be renewed on a yearly subscription basis. In spite of the fact that this may seem cumbersome, cloud-based solutions are generally easy to implement, scale, and support. Dark Blue Technologies offers cloud solutions including network management services.

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A solution to comprehensive IT networks

A dedicated team of experienced engineers can often solve many networking challenges. In the event of an unexpected network issue, costs may increase with more traditional network setups. With a cloud-managed network, issues can be managed more easily and generally require less troubleshooting. Additionally, working within a single dashboard eliminates the need to jump through multiple pages and appliances, which saves time and money. Using Dark Blue Technologies, you can leverage cloud solutions without having to hire in-house engineers and support staff to manage your network and IT infrastructure. Contact us to learn more how we can help implement solutions for your business.

There are many cloud managed network providers that offer hassle-free tools to help you get the most from your network. With pre-built configurations, guides, and more available online and through Dark Blue Technologies’ experts, switching to new cloud managed hardware is also simple.

  • Auto VPN
  • Simple Deployments
  • Network Monitoring
  • SD-Wan Visibility
  • WiFi Analytics
  • Complete Security
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