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Learn about the team behind our modern and creative IT solutions to businesses and organizations in Michigan. We focus on lower Michigan communities including Flint, Saginaw and Lansing.

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Get to Know Our Michigan-Based IT Services

Dark Blue Technologies offers friendly services and support on a range of technology solutions. When you aren’t dealing with IT every day, it can seem complex and intimidating. Since the beginning of our tech careers, we have focused on taking the fear out of IT and will do so for many years to come. We help eliminate the fear of IT by building a transparent relationship with each client. Because of this, we establish trusting relationships with everyone we interact with.

We are passionate about working with everyone. As a result, we strive to understand their business or solution needs. Furthermore, no matter who you are, whether you are a client, a friend, or a family member, you will be treated with the same friendly attitude. 

About Dark Blue Technologies Michigan Managed Services for IT solutions.

Work with everyone

The work we do with everyone is very important to us. Our goal is to understand our clients’ business needs and provide them with the best solution. In addition, everyone is treated equally, whether they are clients, friends, or family members.

Customized solutions

We understand some tech issues do not have an easy solution. We aim to simplify technology problems for you as much as possible and find a solution that works best for your environment. Problem-solving in the technology world is what we do best.

And More…

We have completed rigorous vetting processes and have the clearances to work with government and defense projects. Every project has a dedicated technology lead who will be able to address your needs right away.

Meet the Dark Blue Team

Dark Blue Technologies is composed of Michigan-based IT professionals from various walks of life. We have experience working around FQHCs, higher education, and non-profit organizations. Our experience has led us to search for efficient and cost-effective solutions that we are now happy to share with others with a similar need.


Chris Hernandez

Chris Hernandez is your first point of contact at Dark Blue Technologies. With his experience, he can help IT departments looking for new and effective solutions create plans that are best suited for their needs.

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Ben Robert

Ben Robert is the technology expert of the team who will discuss tech needs and solutions with you and your team. He has experience working with customers to implement solutions to their environment and ensure technology is fine tuned for your environment.

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Jose Camarillo

Jose Camarillo is one of our most valuable team members at Dark Blue Technologies. He ensures the hardware and wiring of physical projects are done quickly, efficiently, and correctly. Jose has over a decade of experience with wiring and technology solutions.

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Other Great Team Members


Brian B.

An IT professional for over a decade and a half, Brian provides expert consultation to organizations doing business with Dark Blue Technologies.


Jose R.

Professional low voltage wiring expert with over two decades on the job. Jose has successfully completed over 100 jobs through Dark Blue Technologies.


Tyler H.

A recent graduate, Tyler has worked with organizations to provide assistance and support for IT-related activities since 2022.

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Dark Blue Technologies Office Locations

At Dark Blue Technologies, we believe that having a physical presence in the local community is important for providing excellent customer service. We focus on assisting local businesses to achieve better technology solutions along with cost-effective services to help those best in the areas we live and work. By keeping our services near our local office locations, we can provide a personal touch and discover unique needs that may be unique to the community.

In addition to offering our expertise as IT professionals with unique backgrounds, we are also able to offer tailored solutions to your business. We have IT experts who understand the unique challenges faced by certain industries, such as healthcare, education, non-profits, and agricultural facilities. In working in and around these types of businesses for years now, we have a good understanding of where technological difficulties can arise, and can provide customized IT solutions that work well for you.

Ann Arbor

Our company headquarters in Ann Arbor, MI allow us to provide quality service and IT solutions to the many local businesses in the area.


The Lansing office provides the same quality service as our Metro Detroit location. Our certified professionals are here to help you find the perfect IT solution for your unique needs. In addition to being conveniently located off I-69, we also serve customers north of Bay City from this location.


At the Metro Detroit office in Taylor, Michigan, our team is dedicated to providing fast and efficient service for all of our clients’ needs. We are located just off I-94 making it easy for businesses from the greater Detroit area to access our services quickly and conveniently.

Greater St. Louis

The greater St. Louis office in Edwardsville, Illinois provides our quality services and support to the Midwest. In addition to being conveniently located in the heart of Edwardsville, we also serve businesses in St Louis and the surrounding areas on the Illinois and Missouri sides of the river.


How we work with our clients

Onboarding to billing: our process is seamless and client-centric. We focus on delivering quality projects through a proven step-by-step process that focuses on our clients.


Assess your current state and identify gaps

During our quick assessment and consultation, we will learn more about your current IT setup and business requirements. As part of understanding your technology needs and existing IT infrastructure, our experts will assess risk, identify cost-saving opportunities, and much more.


Develop a customized
project plan

After evaluating your current IT solutions, we will develop a customized plan that meets your needs, we walk you through your options, and help you evaluate the risks and changes involved.
In addition to recommending the best tools and contacts for your business, we utilize our experience with vendors and partners in the IT space to get you great pricing and terms of service.


Provide the best tech stack and a dedicated project manager

Once we onboard you, we are dedicated to giving you the most tech-forward experience, meaning a cutting-edge tech stack to solve all your IT needs. This includes the best software out there, as well as the most modern equipment on the market.

All your projects are led by a dedicated project manager and tech team. Other IT companies have salespeople as your points of contact but at Dark Blue Technologies, we don’t believe in extra sales pressure so you will only work with tech people, meaning your concerns are addressed right away.

Your dedicated project manager will lead, build, and deploy, providing excellent communication and customer service. Once your project is complete, a detailed summary will be sent to your team. We will also “handover the keys,” ensuring proper knowledge transfer.


Send a hassle-free, clear-cut bill

Our no-nonsense billing and invoicing process is something we’re proud of. Our Unlimited Helpdesk is truly unlimited; there is no cap on time, no confusing hourly rates, no surprising ticket fees. It is a simple fixed monthly rate that includes unlimited remote access for technology and retail operation support, network monitoring, and proactive maintenance.

Our transparent billing process means you will not be caught off guard and we are able to provide the highest-quality service, all the time.


Support you with unparalleled speed and customer service

The ongoing support we provide is second to none, and most issues are resolved within 17 minutes of contacting us. Our proactive moderation and maintenance ensure you will experience few or no problems, as we deal with outages, patches, and other maintenance and upkeep proactively.

If a problem arises, our helpdesk services are unlimited, meaning there are no caps or confusing hourly rates for maintenance services.


Our Values and Principles

As experts in the technology industry, we can help you optimize your IT solutions and investment, reduce technology-related stress and bring your focus back to your core business. Learn about how our computer network maintenance and IT Support experts are there for you, night and day.

Quality Support and Service

Quality matters. That’s why we only offer expert advice and services. We strive to offer best-in-business solutions to your problems. Furthermore, we only hire knowledgeable individuals that we know can offer best in business support and information to you.

Honesty and Integrity

Honesty and integrity are our very important to how we run our company. When addressing problems, we believe in transparency and do not take advantage of our customers.

Creative Solutions

We approach problems head-on and find creative and effective solutions. Our solutions are tailored to meet the needs and requirements of your business based on consultation with you.

Security Focus

Our industry-leading and worry-free cybersecurity solutions ensure the security of your organization’s accounts, software, and data at all times. Furthermore, we strive to stay updated on emerging threats, zero-day vulnerabilities, and effective security features.

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